Explore behind, break the limit of time and depth.


This Specialty is designed to extend the diver's knowledge and introduce the skills and decompression procedures required in the use of oxygen enriched gases for extended range recreational diving. The program develops diving skills and provides a greater understanding of the concept of limited decompression sport diving. The RAID bridge between Recreational and Technical diving. This program can be catered as a recreational deco program, or an Intro to tech program. It introduces true self-sufficient diving. The RAID DECO 40 program covers the core skills from the technical diver training programs and can be completed on a twinset with isolation manifold, sidemount, or a single cylinder with a stage. As such it makes the perfect program for recreational divers or instructors who want to add gain some experience with decompression, as well as add some redundancy to their skill set. The program allows the student to either use their ‘stage’ as a bailout during limited decompression dives, or as a gas extender during extended nitrox NDL dives, and allows for O2 content up to 100%. This program takes a technical approach to equipment configuration, so if you’ve already been diving sidemount or twinset you may expect a little streamlining during the course of the education. This program qualifies divers to do dive to 40mt and perform non accelerated decompression stops of a maximum duration of 10min, and/or perform extended NLD dives with a switch to a richer mix at a more shallow depth. Trimix is used in this course to reduce Narcosis and Gas Density. Practical Confined water Sessions and minimum 4 hours dives in 4 days.

Deco 40


  • Minimum age 16 years old
  • 40 dives of 20 logged hours.
  • Advanced, Nitrox and Deep or equivalent certification

RAID’s foundation for technical diving, no previous experience required, you can start here, but prepare to be challenged. This program has a very clear outline for your skill development, and a thorough confined water skill development portion that needs to perfect before moving on to the open water section of the program. This program allows you to do accelerated decompression dives using a single ‘deco’ mixture of your choice. Total planned decompression is a maximum of 30min. Trimix is used on a majority of the dives and this program takes into account equivalent narcotic depths as well as gas density as a factor. Single ‘Deco Stage’ for accelerated compression use. Maximum dive depth is 50m, and minimum oxygen content is set at 21%

Master Rescue Course


  • Minimum age 16 years old.
  • Certified as Nitrox, Deep 40 and Rescue Diver, have experience in Navigation and Night/Restricted Visibility diving.
  • Must have logged at least 5 hours between 27– 40 m
  • Have 20 dives and 40 logged hours.

The DECO 60 Course is designed to train qualified RAID DECO 50 divers or equivalent in the use of Normoxic Trimix to depths of 60m utilizing gas mixtures with Oxygen contents as low as 18% and Helium contents based on and END of 30m, to successfully complete decompression stops with the use of 2 independent deco stages with lean and rich decompression mixes up to 100%, and to complete planned decompression with no limit. 4 days program.

Deco 60


  • Minimum age 18 years old
  • Deco 50 or equivalent certification and at least 5 hours between 40 - 50mt
  • To have a minimum of 100 logged underwater hours